When fans saw Drew McIntrye appear on the front row during NXT TakeOver: Orlando people were speechless. The Chosen One hasn’t been seen on WWE television since he was released from the company a couple years ago.

The last time Drew McIntrye was on WWE television he was a member of 3MB. Unfortunately, that stable was quickly disbanded when WWE axed Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntrye. Since then, Drew has been working the planet as much as he can. He had a great run with TNA too, but we won’t talk about that.

Needless to say, he bid Impact Wrestling farewell after they botched his contract renewal. Now he’s looking for a new home, and it turns out he found it in NXT. He’s a very hot commodity in pro wrestling and has been tearing up the indie circuit since his free agency came into effect. But now, it’s on for Drew McIntrye.

This does present a problem with a certain indie promotion called WCPW where he is the heavyweight champion. He actually retained his title against Rampage earlier in the day before TakeOver leaving us to believe he didn’t tell the British wrestling company he was taking an NXT deal.

This isn’t the only champion WWE or NXT has taken from WCPW either as Killian Dain was their champion and Joseph Connors was too. However, Dain and Connors weren’t the WCPW champion when NXT of WWE called their card like McIntrye was. We wonder what they will do, but in about as much time as it takes us to think about how excited we are that Drew McIntrye is back in WWE, we stop caring about WCPW’s problem. We’re sure they’ll figure it out because they seem smart enough.

This is just the first step in reestablishing Drew McIntrye in the eyes of the WWE Universe and will hopefully head to a much more successful main roster run sooner or later. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get it right this time for The Chosen One.

Drew McIntrye spoke about why he signed with NXT below and he had some very good reasons.