dolph ziggler

When Dolph Ziggler officially debuted on the WWE main roster it was hard to miss him. He was constantly walking around shaking hands and introducing himself, and since then Dolph Ziggler is a name fans have heard a lot over the years.

There’s no denying that the man behind the name has tried his hardest to make it work for him, but there’s also no denying that the name Dolph Ziggler sounds a little goofy.

Dolph recently opened up about how he got his name during an appearance on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, and he revealed that he was originally going to be called David Diggler.

“So I randomly got a call saying, “You’re going to TV to introduce something. We’re going into a meeting right now, we’re letting you know now your name is David Diggler, what do you think about that?” In my head, I’ve been fired twice, this is my last shot, I go, “I hate it, this is the Reality Era and I’m going to be David Diggler? Do I have any say in this?” They go, “Well, we’re going into a meeting right now, if you can have something in 15 minutes, but it’s got to be a “D” first name and a “D” last name.” I texted everyone I knew and I tried to think of things. I knew a great great grandfather who was Rudolph and Dolph Lundgren was from Rocky IV and I needed a “D” and I go, “Dolph?” and then I go, “Is there any way I can not do Diggler at the end?” So then I got to RAW and there was a little piece of paper that said, “Dolph Ziggler” on it. They didn’t really have long term plans for me which is fine, but I go, “Man, this might be my last chance.” I found Vince and I go, “Vince, it’s Reality Era, we’re doing the stuff, you can google my name, we can mix my name up and switch it a little bit. Dolph Ziggler sounds like a cartoon wrestling name!” And he goes, “It’s different. People are going to remember it. I love it!” And he walked off before he finished the sentence. I go, “Alright. I tried.”

Dolph has fallen victim to some questionable booking over the years, but he’s also managed to capture quite a few championships throughout his run with WWE.

Ziggler is the current Intercontinental Champion, and he’ll be defending his title on Sunday against Seth Rollins in a 30 minute Iron Man match.