When Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship at Backlash he really proved anything can happen in WWE. Just a few short weeks earlier it was common to see Jinder Mahal lose every match he participated in on Raw. But since his switch to SmackDown Live during the superstar shake up he has taken on a new persona and a more dominant mindset.

It all came down to the wire for Jinder both figuratively and metaphorically. Randy Orton hit a devastating RKO in the closing moments of their match, but the Singh Brothers pulled Jinder to safety. Factor in one or two more distractions from the Singh Brothers and the Maharaja is the new WWE Champion.

But that wasn’t always the decision. We have previously reported how Randy Orton is earmarked by Vince to be the new face of SmackDown Live and was most likely set to win his Backlash title defense. Apparently, that was the story but Sportskeeda is reporting the decision was made to put the title on Jinder just hours before Backlash started.

Apparently, a lot of the situation has to do with what is next for the WWE Championship picture. Some WWE officials are reportedly pulling for Rusev to walk away with the Money In The Bank briefcase in the ladder match. Mahal winning the title would put that decision in play as well. Still, others are saying the feud between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal is just beginning.

Betting odds for the WWE Championship match changed just before the start of the show as well. This would also signify the fact that a last-minute change was made. It was certainly a surprising decision and has a lot of people talking about WWE.

We’ll just have to wait until SmackDown to see if more people tune in to hear what the Maharaja has to say next. But giving the title to Jinder Mahal is certainly a step in the right direction to capture more Indian interest just in time as Impact Wrestling travels over there to tape a handful of shows.