dean ambrose

Dean Ambrose is the current Intercontinental Champion in WWE and even though recent rumors suggest that WWE officials think that Ambrose has become lazy, it seems that The Lunatic Fringe is anything but lazy with his recent comments.

Following in the footsteps of current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era CM Punk, it seems that Dean Ambrose would like to step into the Octagon.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Ambrose proved that he is much more like his in-ring persona than the WWE Universe first realized, he said:

“I’ll fight anyone for enough money. Give me half-a-million dollars. Put them in the ring, I’ll do it right now, I’ll do it tonight.”

As part of the interview Ambrose also revealed that in the week leading up to WrestleMania 33, he was actually in a motorbike accident that could have left him with much more serious injuries.

“I thought I was going to die. I fell over the handlebars, full on ninja roll, I flew like 8ft into the air.

“I thought I probably shouldn’t be doing this a week before WrestleMania. You have to immediately get back on. I crashed on a downhill, you have to just continue. If you stop and think about it too long you’ll psych yourself out.”

Luckily Ambrose was able to defend his Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania on the pre-show and maybe one day Ambrose will be given the chance to fight for Dana White if the opportunity ever arises.