WWE has released a video of Danny Burch receiving medical attention backstage after his controversial loss in the first-round of the WWE United Kingdom championship tournament. It is still unclear whether or not he was actually scheduled to win the match, but the referee stopped the contest as soon as he saw the color in the ring.

In the video, Tyler Bate stops in to let Burch know that he will take care of Tyler Devlin for him in the next round of the tournament.

There is a real feeling of community within the competitors of this tournament and although their familiarity with each other might vary it is clear to see they are working toward a greater goal within this UK roster.

Devlin caught Burch with a kick to the back of the head during the closing moments of their match and opened up the back of Burch’s head hard way. Burch kicked out after a two-count indicating that there were more spots planned, but the referee called for the bell. Devlin was declared the winner of the match which was the second match in round one of the tournament.