daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan’s rise to the top of WWE was full of twists and turns, but the most shocking twist happened after Bryan finally cemented his place at the top of the card. Shortly after Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30, he had to vacate the title, and he ended up retiring in 2016 due to concussion related issues.

Bryan hasn’t given up on his dream of returning to the ring, and he’s teased that he may leave WWE when his contract expires next year if they won’t let him wrestle. The former World Champion has been cleared by doctors outside of the company, but he has not been cleared by WWE’s doctors.

Bryan recently spoke to The Trentonian about a possible return to the ring, and he noted that there’s a political aspect in regards to why WWE officials are keeping him out of the ring.

“I’m trying to get cleared as we speak,” Bryan said. “All my tests have come back fantastic, better than people who have never had any concussion-type stuff. But it’s a weird thing. We’re in a weird situation politically with the climate around concussions; right now, it’s very difficult. WWE would love to have me back, but is that the smart thing for me as a business to bring me back? If I was to come back, and they let me back, would they get a lot of flak for it? They have a ton of stockholders that they’re responsible for. It’s more than just, ‘Is he healthy to do it?’”

With WWE currently wrapped up in a concussion lawsuit, it’s not hard to see why officials want to keep Bryan out of the ring.

However, in September of 2018 Bryan will be free to work wherever he wants, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for him and his wrestling career.