The WWE roster is loaded with talent on Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT, and new Superstars are constantly introduced while other stars say goodbye when their contracts expire and they move on to other things.

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has been teasing that he plans to return to the ring next year and at this point it’s unknown if Brock Lesnar will be signing a new WWE contract in 2018. Big Show has said that his time in the ring is coming to an end, and some fans have speculated that Paige may want to go elsewhere when her contract expires. Fightful.com has put together a list showing when these stars could potentially part ways with WWE, and you can check out the timeline below.

Brock Lesnar: After WrestleMania 34
Mauro Ranallo: June 2019
Daniel Bryan: September 2018
Paige: 2019
Big Show: February 2018

It will be interesting to see what these stars do when it comes time for them to possibly sign a new contract.

Last time Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract was set to expire he teased a return to UFC, then ultimately he ended up signing a new WWE contract and he later returned to UFC for a fight against Mark Hunt in July of 2016. Over the past few months it’s been rumored that Brock may focus on MMA once again in 2018.

Daniel Bryan recently teased that he’s growing his hair out for a potential hair vs. hair mask in Mexico, and Brie Bella believes that her husband will return to the ring at some point.

What would you like to see these stars do when their WWE contracts expire? Sound off in the comments below.