dolph ziggler

Last night on SmackDown Live Dolph Ziggler shockingly super-kicked Kalisto after the high-flying superstar attempted to help him fight off the challenge of Baron Corbin following their match.

It is unknown if this is a definite heel turn from the Showoff, but it seems that if it is, it could have been the best decision WWE has made for him in a long time.

Dolph has lost to both former Intercontinental Champion The Miz and WWE Champion AJ Styles various times over the past few months as he fought to remain relevant on the SmackDown roster without a championship, but it seems that he still hasn’t found his place.

Miz even fought Dolph Ziggler with his career on the line at No Mercy last year, and even though Dolph ended up winning the match, Miz won the title back merely days later.

It seems that Dolph is one of the stars that has been lost amongst the shuffle on SmackDown, and it even came to the point late last year when fans truly believed that he would walk away from WWE.

Following his loss last night on SmackDown to The Lone Wolf, it seems that Dolph Ziggler had nowhere to go as a face on the Tuesday night show, but as a heel, he could go in a potentially different direction.

He screamed at Kalisto that he doesn’t need anyone and he has never needed anyone which means he will obviously not be walking into a tag team in the near future. Although, given all of the emotionally fueled promos that Dolph Ziggler delivered leading into his match with The Miz last year, WWE could allow him to embark on a much more personal feud moving forward.

Dolph had an incredible run as a heel when he won the WWE Heavyweight Championship back in 2013. Of course, back then he was teamed up with Big E and AJ Lee and before that he was aligned with Vickie Guererro.

Perhaps this was his say of saying that he doesn’t need anyone with him this time, or maybe his frustration is finally getting the better of him. Dolph has to hit rock bottom before he can rebuild. Given that the two current champions on SmackDown are both heels, this won’t help him move back into the title picture, but it will help his gain some momentum that he can then build on.

It seems that this week’s loss to Baron Corbin and the fact that all he has been doing over the past few months is lose, it does seem that Dolph has finally had enough. It looked like he snapped out of frustration more than anything else when he realised that he had once again lost on SmackDown.

Dolph headed backstage and inadvertently broke a cupboard in the locker room before he was approached by Apollo Crews. Crews just wanted to know why he had super kicked Kalisto and Dolph told him it wasn’t his business.

It seems that it was Apollo Crews’ business since he then made it his business and was headbutted by Dolph for his trouble. The duo then brawled in the locker room until Mojo Rawley and Rhyno split them up.

It is hard to fully take this apart because Dolph was already in a bad mood when he stormed into the locker room and Crews still approached him. It could build into a great feud between the two, especially since neither has any other feud holding them back.

Dolph is obviously the veteran in this situation and he could deliver some great promos about how he has worked for everything in WWE and now he is watching all the new guys take his spot and his title opportunities.

Crews needs a decent feud, he hasn’t been given anything to do for months and this could be the perfect filler feud for both men heading into WrestleMania season.

A heel turn could have been the best option for Dolph Ziggler, and after the Royal Rumble Dolph could well go after Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship instead. He has needed something significant to happen for a long time to make fans sit up and notice him, and it seems that this heel turn or even temporary frustration fueled attitude change, was just what he needed.