cm punk

CM Punk’s first UFC fight didn’t go all that well, that’s no big secret. But on June 9th, Punk will get his chance to step into the octagon once again when he faces Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in Chicago.

Mike Jackson recently spoke to TMZ about his upcoming fight with Punk, and when he was asked if he’s stepping into the octagon to end Punk’s career, he responded by saying, “I mean, yeah.”

Jackson went on to say that at the end of the day he’s heard Punk is a cool dude, and he doesn’t have anything against him, but he made it clear that he wants to win.

“I’m not going in here to hurt him. I’m just going in here to beat him up a little bit and show him that this is not for him.”

Jackson was also asked if he thinks UFC officials picked him to be CM Punk’s next opponent because they think Punk can beat him, and he said that it’s all about the storyline.

“No, I think I was picked just because of who I am, and the storyline and the ability to sell a fight. I don’t think they have anything invested in him winning or losing to be honest with you. It was just a fight that made sense. You have to have a dope storyline, and this is a storyline even Vince McMahon couldn’t write.”