cm punk

The last few weeks have been busy for CM Punk thanks to his trial with Dr. Chris Amann, but on Saturday night he had bigger things to worry about. CM Punk stepped into the octagon with Mike Jackson at UFC 225 for his second MMA fight, but he didn’t pick up a victory.

CM Punk held his own in the first round as he mostly remained on the offensive and kept Jackson under control. The Chicago crowd was firmly behind CM Punk.

Punk spent most of the second round on his back while Mike Jackson pounded his face. The Chicago crowd booed as the round ended, and his coach told Punk to take Jackson down quicker next round, as Jackson’s coach warned him that Punk would be going for the take down hard.

Jackson mostly toyed with CM Punk during the third round as he kept Punk off his feet and at bay. Punk struggled to try and get a few strikes in, but it didn’t make much difference as Jackson pretty much hit Punk whenever he wanted to and waited for the clock to run down.

Joe Rogan joked that someone probably paid Mike Jackson to make the fight last three rounds, but then showed respect to CM Punk by saying he has heart.

Bruce Buffer announced that Mike Jackson won by unanimous decision as the crowd booed.

Punk immediately shook Mike Jackson’s hand after the decision was announced as Joe Rogan was trying to interview Mike, and Joe Rogan told Punk that they would talk to him too as Jackson was being interviewed, but Punk left the octagon before making any comments.