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CM Punk was The Best In The World during his tenure in WWE. He put on outstanding matches and delighted his dedicated following of fans for years. Many yearned to see him pushed higher on the card but he still had a pretty good run on the top during his “Summer Of Punk.”

CM Punk’s pipebomb speech was history-making and a grand mixture of shoot and work. The fact his microphone was cut off right before telling a story that started with something along the lines of, “you know how WWE has the Be a STAR campaign?” really makes us wonder if he planned on exposing the bullying culture in WWE years before it really blew up. But we’ll never know what he planned on saying.

Some have said WWE isn’t the same since CM Punk walked out following the 2014 Royal Rumble. Others have pointed a very strong finger at WWE and the powers-that-be for letting it all go down with CM Punk like it did.

CM Punk has been very open about his feelings toward WWE since his departure. He recently spoke to Windy City Live about it and didn’t hold much back. Actually, he seemed to almost diminish the fact he was in WWE at all.

CM Punk said he wasn’t sure where his desire to become a WWE superstar came from. He said WWE was never the end goal for him though. Instead, he had always dreamed about Japanese wrestling and wanted to work for New Japan or All-Japan.

Punk explained he was more about going overseas to Japan and becoming a star where nobody knew him instead of making a name for himself in WWE. All of his hard work became boring, the last frontier was WWE and he wanted to see if he could conquer it so he just tried his luck there.

Punk said he is focused on more of a variety of fighting disciplines now that he’s not throwing himself on the mat 300 days out of the year. He said he gets to sleep in his own bed every night and there’s something romantic about being able to do that.

Punk also distinguished another difference between WWE and MMA by saying when someone walks in a cage there is going to be winner and a loser. He also said if you’re scared of something, then it is better to face it head on. Punk also said he is comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We hope Punk is having a great time in MMA and wish him success.

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