cm punk

CM Punk last wrestled in the 2014 Royal Rumble match, and the night after he left WWE and never looked back.

But Punk was forced to re-examine his WWE past recently in court when he took the stand during his trial with WWE Dr. Chris Amann.

Ultimately the jury ruled in Punk’s favor, but he told Sports Illustrated that he got emotional while giving his testimony.

“The Twilight Zone is a good way to put it,” said Punk. “That would have been about the time I starting doing my best to not cry on the stand. I was forced to watch myself get a concussion over and over again. It really, really sucked.”

Even though Punk has spent a great deal of time in the courtroom over the last two weeks, he still had to train for his fight with Mike Jackson which is set to take place at UFC 225.

Ironically enough, Punk noted that the trial didn’t derail his concentration, but instead helped him focus.

“It made me hyper-focused,” said Punk. “It oddly helped me focus because it forced me to compartmentalize everything. If I woke up every morning and looked at my day, I would just spaz out and go, ‘Oh no.’ Instead I woke up and was like, ‘OK, I’m up, I’m alive. Alright, that’s a good start. OK, I’ve got to walk my dog, I’ve got to do sprints, and then I’ve got to put a suit on. I literally would take every day step-by-step. Once I got the court out of the way, I would try to find a small bit of joy of, ‘OK, I’m done for the day. Now I get to go home and I get to do something that I actually enjoy doing, and that’s training.’”