Just in case you weren’t aware, today is AJ Lee’s birthday. The former WWE Divas Champion turns 30 years old, and her husband CM Punk decided to surprise her with an interesting present for her birthday.

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CM Punk and AJ Lee have been married for a few years now, so it’s safe to say that he knows how to make his wife happy. For her birthday Punk called in a favor and he recruited Celeste Bonin, better known to WWE fans as Kaitlyn, to be AJ Lee’s birthday present.

According to AJ Lee, Kaitlyn showed up at her office while she was in her pajamas and she feels like the present she got this year was the best birthday present ever. The former WWE Divas Champion posted the following on Instagram:

“Yesterday my husband surprised me with the best early birthday present ever, my other life partner. As I sent some emails, still in my pajamas, looking like hot morning garbage, a familiar voice rang through the hallway to my office. I looked up from my computer and saw the heavenly vision of @CelesteBonin, fresh off a plane, and yet somehow looking like cartoon birds in a Disney movie got her ready that morning. Without thinking I instinctively mounted her. Then I looked in her eyes and said “Why are you so pretty? I forgot how much I hate you.”

It looks like AJ Lee even gave Kaitlyn a sneak peek at her new book.

CM Punk also took to Twitter to wish his wife a happy birthday.

The Young Bucks recently lost their gold to The Broken Hardys and they posted a rather somber looking picture on Twitter showing off the fact that they are currently without any titles.

Even though The Young Bucks might not have gold, CM Punk reminded them that they’re number 1 in his heart, and that’s all that really matters.