cm punk

CM Punk has been a very hot topic this week thanks to his high profile trial with WWE Dr. Chris Amann, but Punk is moving on with his life because the jury ruled in his favor.

The former WWE Superstar has been doing a lot of interviews talking about his fight against Mike Jackson at UFC 225 on Saturday, and he’s been answering whatever questions come his way.

Punk was recently asked if he would accept an invitation to the White House to meet with WWE Hall of Famer and current President of the United States Donald Trump, but he said that he has no interest in hanging out with Trump.

“Number one, I would not be invited. Number two, no I would not go. No. If David Duke invites me over for tacos, I’m not going to David Duke’s house. You know what I mean? I call it like I see it. A racist is a racist. I don’t care if you live in the White House or down the street from me, I’m not hanging out with you.”