The Masterpiece Chris Masters was on top of the world with his Masterlock and heel status in WWE but all of a sudden it seemed to be taken away from him. It’s happened to many Superstars before him, but it was an especially hard thing to take for Masters.

Chris Masters is now known as Chris Adonis in Impact Wrestling and he isn’t done with the art of pro wrestling just yet. Masters/Adonis recently spoke to ClickOn Sport where he discussed his WWE release and the fact CM Punk made reference to it on Raw when it happened.

“I was heartbroken about the whole thing. I was more heartbroken that it was being taken away from me because I enjoyed it so much. In terms of CM Punk, it was nice because he added that little bit in for me which I knew he actually meant, because he’d pointed it out to me several times. I appreciated that, but I also knew it was something that was talked about by the powers that be so I was a little conflicted. I was being used as a storyline.”

The former Masterpiece was also asked about his current run in Impact Wrestling as one of the top guys on the roster. He’s getting a great chance to show what he can do at this point in his career and he doesn’t want to let it dwindle like his last run with WWE. He also spoke about Triple H’s influence during his first WWE run.

“I was told I was going to get pushed by Hunter and plenty of people, but you know, I’m in a great situation now on Impact Wrestling with Eli Drake. It presents a lot of opportunities, and if I stay on track, stay healthy and I’m able to go out there and do my thing, I think the sky is the limit.”

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