You never know what kind of reception you’re going to get when putting a message on social media. Even if you mean for something to be a joke, some people can pick apart whatever you say and misconstrue your words.

Chris Jericho is the Ayatollah Of Rock n Rolla and he has music flowing through his veins right along with pro wrestling. With Hurricane Irma approaching the Florida coast, Jericho thought it was appropriate to recite some lyrics he had bouncing around in his head.

The lyrics he quoted were from AC/DC’s Hells Bells, “I’m rollin thunder, a pouring rain, I’m comin on like a hurricane.” These lyrics were meant to entertain and if for any other reason because Jericho felt like sharing them. To be honest, anything Y2J feels worth sharing is probably good enough to hear.

Of course, there are always going to be some people who feel like they want to ruin the party. One fan felt it necessary to chastise Jericho for putting those lyrics up because there are people in Florida actually dealing with Hurricane Irma’s catastrophic destruction.

Jericho’s reply was pretty awesome as he just said: “I’m in Florida u stupid idiot!” Classic Jericho.

If you’re stuck in Hurricane Irma’s danger zone please be safe. But if you’re bored and it’s safe enough to go outside, then you can always do what Big E did.

The New Day member was plenty bored during the storm so he did the only thing he knew he could. He went out to fight the hurricane with some sweet skills.

While channeling Daniel from the Karate Kid movies, Big E went out on his front lawn and battled the storm personally. It’s unclear if his sick kicks had any impact on lessening the storm’s wrath, but we’d like to think so.

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