Chris Jericho has been lucky enough to have a long career in the professional wrestling business, and throughout the course of his career Jericho has seen the business change and evolve over time.

Jericho is currently the AEW World Champion, and AEW is introducing many fresh faces to the masses with their weekly TV show Dynamite.

One wrestler in particular, Marko Stunt, has been criticized for his size, but Jericho took to Twitter to defend Marko when he posted the following:

“Laughing at ppl complaining that @MarkoStunt is too small & a “disgrace to pro wrestling!” Funny thing is I thought the same thing about @reymysterio the first time I met him in 93. I also saw @TheUltimoDragon get REAMED out by his boss when he first brought Rey to Japan in 95. #DeanMalenko got laughed out of #WCW locker room when he stood up for Rey before their first match in Aug 96. Both men were congratulated afterwards after ppl saw Rey work. Times have changed & Marko IS small. But most of the workers on the roster are smaller in 2019 then the 90s. Bottom line: Over is over & #Marko did a good job of getting over on Wed. Whether he ends up a World Champion like Rey did remains to be seen…but I’d rather watch him than a 6’8 musclehead who can’t move. I was once told I was “too small” to be a wrestler too…& I did ok!”

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