Bayley won her first major WWE title off Charlotte in somewhat shocking and controversial fashion on Monday night Raw a few weeks ago. The victory was partly thanks to an assist from Sasha Banks who first blasted Dana Brooke with her crutch and followed it up by hitting the Nature Girl as she had the Figure 8 slapped on Bayley. One Bayley to Belly later, and The Hugger of Huggers won the title on Raw. But tonight is a pay-per-view, so it’s an entirely different story.

Booker T deemed this match as his Shucky Ducky Quack Quack moment of the night during the kick-off show and we can’t deny it has the intrigue of very interesting contest.

Charlotte told her lapdog, Dana Brooke to go backstage at the entrance ramp which is a nice change of pace, but Dana has never been one to be a “good girl.”. Bayley is so over at this point she very well might be the “Female John Cena.” It’s humorous how they couldn’t copyright the term “tube men” so WWE started calling them “wacky waving arm flailing inflatable Bayley Buddies.”

Char-Char let out a “woooo” and they two locked up to feel each other out. In the opening sequence of the match Bayley sent Charlotte to the apron hard with a clothesline and a hurricanrana to the outside. Bayley popped up just as quick as one of her “Bayley Buddies” and caught The Nature Girl with a cross body off the top rope as soon as Charlotte got back inside.

Flair turned it around and began to smash The Hugger with some vicious forearms Charlotte wrapped her long legs around Bayley’s neck and began to squeeze the life out of her. She rolled The Hugger around the ring and took a knee to the back of her head for good measure.

Charlotte kept yelling how Bayley is a cheater and asked her “where’s your partner now?” while refering to Sasha who won her match earlier in the night. If you know anything about professional wrestling, someone who was in a previous match can still come down as long as they won, so she better be careful there.

Regardless of interpretation, Char Char kept up the offense and maintained her advantage. Bayley kicked out at two, and Charlotte yelled “she’s just a fan!” Neat heat. Bayley came back from an Irish whip to the corner and turned Charlotte inside out with a clothesline.

Bayley kept up her momentum by chopping Charlotte and taking her down for a series of punches to the genetically superior forehead of Flair. The Hugger hit a suplex and got a close two-count.

Charlotte ended up on the top rope and Bayley got her in a tree of woe, but Bayley botched the springboard elbow drop… twice. That was unfortunate.

Charlotte slipped out of her corner prison and Bayley scaled the ropes to the turnbuckle. Charlotte turned the tables and ended up on top instead but Bayley hit her with a super hurricanrana. She hit her a Macho Man inspired elbow drop off the top rope, but only got a very close two-count for her troubles.

Charlotte leveled Bayley with a big boot and followed it up with Natural Selection, but the Hugger wouldn’t lay down for a three-count. Charlotte hit Bayley with a tough looking slam to the thin padding outside and scaled the top rope just as Sasha Banks ran down the ramp.

The referee didn’t call for the bell and allowed Charlotte to fight Sasha off but Bayley capitalized and hit Charlotte with a Bayley to Belly. Charlotte tried to roll Bayley up but grabbed the tights. Banks jumped on the apron and alerted the ref to her heel tactic and the ref stopped the count.

Bayley hit Charlotte with another finisher and shocked the world as she handed The Nature Girl her first pay-per-view loss.