Sasha Banks and Charlotte have been feuding over the Raw Women’s Championship for months, and the title has changed hands a few times times throughout their rivalry. Charlotte defeated Sasha to win the title back in October when they faced off in the first WWE women’s Hell in a Cell match, and Sasha won the title back a few weeks ago in a Falls Count Anywhere match on Raw.

Sunday night at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line the longtime rivals clashed once again, and Sasha defended the title against Charlotte in a 30 minute Iron Man match.

Charlotte got the first fall with about 11 minutes left to go in the match when she hit Sasha Banks with Natural Selection from the top rope to get the pin. Charlotte then taunted Sasha and tried to pin her a few more times, but Sasha kicked out.

Sasha Banks scored the second fall with about 8 minutes left to go in the match when she got Charlotte with a roll up.

Later in the match Charlotte went for a moonsault, but Sasha Banks rolled out of the way. Sasha followed up by putting Charlotte in the Banks Statement, and Sasha Banks took the lead after she made Charlotte tap out with 6 minutes to go.

Sasha Banks got her foot caught in the ropes while the two ladies were fighting, and Charlotte drove her knee into the knee of Sasha Banks. She continued to attack the knee of Sasha Banks, and she slammed her leg into the ring post a few times as she softened her up for the Figure Eight.

Charlotte locked in the Figure Four and tried to turn it into the Figure Eight, but Sasha reversed it. Charlotte then reversed it and Sasha tried to make her way to the ropes with one minute left, but Charlotte wouldn’t let up.

Sasha Banks was in the Figure Four for nearly two minutes, and with three seconds to go, Sasha Banks tapped out to tie the score.

The referee then made the decision that the match would go into sudden death overtime.

Charlotte continued to attack Sasha’s leg, and Sasha limped around the ring. During overtime Sasha was busted open and she had blood all over her face.

Sasha locked in the Banks Statement, but Charlotte got out of it and applied a modified version of the Figure Four. Sasha was almost at the ropes but Charlotte pulled her back and locked in the Figure Eight to make Sasha Banks tap out.

Charlotte is now a 4 time Women’s Champion, and her pay-per-view streak remains intact.