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Charlotte Flair is a pivotal part of SmackDown Live but she had a couple of unfortunate incidents recently. For one thing, she’s been working with a ruptured breast implant since before WrestleMania but toughed it out for the enjoyment of the fans. But when Carmella knocked her teeth out in a house show in Germany, Flair couldn’t let that one slide.

Dave Meltzer provided a lot of detail on Flair’s condition during Wrestling Observer Radio where he also revealed that Flair will miss SmackDown this week but that shouldn’t be a very big deal seeing how she was scheduled to miss it in the first place.

“Charlotte got nailed in the mouth against Carmella in Oberhausen. So she flew home Friday. She was actually going to fly home Sunday anyway because on Tuesday she and Stephanie McMahon are doing a presentation which is really interesting because this is one of those business summit deals […] and they never I can’t recall ever bringing a wrestler in for one of those, I could be wrong.”

“Because you really have to know your business off the top of your head, Michelle Wilson does, Barrios does they don’t need their notes they know what they’re saying. But it’s interesting they brought Charlotte of all people. They picked her, you know I’m sure they expect she can talk and she looks presentable and that’s a big deal to them and all that.”

“So she was going to go home anyway but now she needed to get some work done. She said she going to go back, she’s not going to be at TV on Tuesday because she is going to be at that other thing so she’s okay. She just got some teeth knocked out that’s all. But she’s okay.”

Charlotte Flair has a history of dental issues which is awful to hear, but at least she’s used to being in the dentist chair.

However, it turns out rushing to get her back to Europe might not make much sense because she was planned to miss SmackDown Live anyway this week because she was needed to be a face of the company in a much different arena.

If you use our quotes please credit Wrestling Observer Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription

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