Bryan Danielson has had a big year as the former champion made his AEW debut, and back in April he challenged for the Universal Championship when he faced Edge and Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 37.

Danielson recently appeared on Casual Conversations with The Wrestling Classic, and he noted that he honestly didn’t feel like he should have been added to the match.

“The WrestleMania moment was just weird, just weird. I really honestly didn’t feel like I should be in that triple threat match with Roman [Reigns] and Edge. I thought the story was strong enough on its own for it to be just them. I didn’t know for sure what I was going to do contract-wise, but I knew I was going to be taking some time off.

Bryan Danielson also added that he “felt so empty” while he was making his entrance for the main event, and at one point he was concerned that the emptiness was a sign he might die.

“I feel everything when I wrestle. What I remember most about that match is just feeling empty and thinking, ‘Oh man,’ I legitimately felt like am I gonna die. Is this a premonition that I’m gonna die? And I wasn’t even freaked out by it and maybe that’s what made me think it was even more true. Oh, maybe you get this peaceful calm right before you pass away.“

Bryan recently won the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, and he’s currently feuding with The Dark Order as he waits for his opportunity to challenge Adam Page for the belt.

H/T Wrestling Inc.