Vince Russo got the chance to try out several innovative ideas during his time in WWF’s creative team. The Monday Night Wars were a turbulent time and nothing was off the table.

One of Russo’s crowning accomplishments was getting Howard Stern’s Wack Pack on Raw. On a recent episode of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, Bruce and Conrad picked apart just about every portion of Vince Russo’s career and used his own book to pave the way of conversation.

In the pages of Vince Russo’s autobiography “Forgiven: One Man’s Journey From Self-Glorification To Satisfaction” the former head writer went into detail about the perceived importance about having Howard Stern’s Wack Pack on Raw.

Russo said the Wack Pack on Raw meant a changing in WWF forever and it was pivotal in reshaping the pro wrestling business. When co-host Conrad Thompson questioned Bruce Prichard about how he felt about the Wack Pack he had a much different memory of the experience.

“I hated the Wack Pack I thought it was horrible it was just a joke” Bruce replied. “And having to deal with them in the back was a huge pain in the ass. Having people on crack and drunk all over the place.”

“If that’s what you wanna portray your business and your creativity — taking someone else’s idea and putting it on your show. I thought it was horrible, I didn’t like it and I thought it was horrible.”

Conrad kept reading from Vince Russo’s book when he said “those freaks would help change the business and the success of the WWF forever, it was just another stage in reshaping the industry.” Bruce Prichard disagreed very much that Howard Stern’s Wack Pack was anything but a terrible idea.

If you remember The Wack Pack didn’t spend much time on Raw and there was probably a reason for that. After all, nobody can wrangle the Wack Pack quite like Howard Stern’s gang of producers. But apparently their short stint on Raw was enough to change the business forever for better or worse, depending on who you ask.

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