For the last few years Cody Rhodes has been one of the faces of All Elite Wrestling, but a few months ago he shocked the world when he announced that he was parting ways with the company.

There were many people in the wrestling community who were surprised to see Cody leave the company, and during a recent interview with Fightful former AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker noted that no one believed it at first.

“From the day he wasn’t at Dynamite anymore, up until the announcement officially got released, obviously, people were saying this and that backstage. Everyone was talking about it, but nobody believed it ‘cause it just seemed so crazy. Even me. I’m like, ‘Maybe, but no. There’s no way.’

With that being said, Cody, I am so thankful and grateful that I got to work with him when I did. Because when I turned heel, he took me under his wing. I can kind of be more open about this now ‘cause we’re not in the action figure war anymore… Now we’re obviously not in the same company. The Britt vs. Cody mini-feud, issue, whatever, that’s all done.”

Baker also credited Cody Rhodes with teaching her how to structure a promo and she noted that he will be missed in All Elite Wrestling.

“He’s definitely gonna be missed as a coach and as an agent in AEW. It was his home. He helped create it. We wish him the best and if you don’t want to be there, you don’t want to be there at the end of the day, too. Better that he’s happy than miserable, if he was miserable, or if he just wanted something different. That’s cool, too.”