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Bret Hart is the Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be. No matter what Natalya might lay claim to nowadays, her uncle Bret is still the best. He was a top player in pro wrestling wherever he went and a great babyface. Hart was also a fantastic heel in America while maintaining a strong fandom in Canada too which is still fantastic when you think about it.

A lot has happened to The Hitman since his pro wrestling career was ended thanks to a poorly placed kick to the head from Goldberg. Bret Hart’s been taking it easy and enjoying his family. While he still makes appearances here and there it’s a very rare occurrence. But it looks like he plans on appearing in a courtroom soon enough if they can’t settle out of court because he’s seeking damages against a hospital and doctor for messing up his hand.

The Calgary Sun reports Bret Hart hasn’t had use of the index finger on his right hand due to a botched wrist surgery for two years and he wants one million dollars out of it.

In recently filed court documents Hart claims he went in two years ago to repair some chipped bones on his wrist caused from decades in the ring. It was the kind of thing Bret Hart was probably dealing with for a very long time and was finally getting it taken care of.

On November 23, 2015, Hart underwent surgery with Dr. Justin Yeung at the Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But six weeks later, when Hart returned to have three pins removed from his wrist he complained of swelling and pain and his index finger and thumb didn’t seem to be functioning. His doctor told him to wait it out and see how it heals and obviously, things didn’t get better.

Bret Hart and his attorneys are claiming the hospital and doctor were negligent and they’re also claiming, “a tourniquet on Mr. Hart’s right arm on too long, such that the circulation of the nerves and tendons to his right thumb and index finger were damaged by a prolonged insufficient supply of oxygen.”

These are some serious allegations and a pretty hefty lawsuit as well. After all, Hart really needs to be able to use all of his fingers which is probably true for everyone and in no way am I trying to offend people with less than 10 working digits.

The lawsuit claims that Bret Hart has been unable to pick up pens and have the use of tools like eating utensils due to this handicap which is a really important thing to have the ability to do if he wants to sign some autographs for extra cash or eat.

The lawsuit seeks $1 million in general damages, plus an unspecified amount of loss of income and other damages and it sounds like he might have a case there if they can prove it in court.

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