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Raw is coming from the O2 Arena in London. The place is packed and nobody can wait to see what the WWE superstars have in store for them. London crowds are often extremely passionate and it’s one of the nights when Michael Cole usually says something about how people cheer for who they wouldn’t normally cheer for and boo people they wouldn’t normally boo. This was a very fun night.

Opening Segment Starts Backstage

Dean Ambrose was walking backstage when his cell phone rings. He said “Kurt!” to imply it’s Angle on this phone. Apparently, Kurt Angle saved Dean’s number from last week. From the end of conversation we hear it, sounds like Dean Ambrose has an important anncouncement in the ring. But before Kurt was disconnected, Dean Ambrose said, “I’ve got a great name for the name of our next pay-per-view.” Nice.

Dean got to the ring and received some “Dean-O” chants. Ambrose said Angle won’t be there tonight because his dog is sick. Dean says you can’t boo a sick dog. But in Kurt Angle’s absence, he’s making Dean Ambrose the General Manager of Raw for the night.

Dean just gets into his plans for the night when The Miz’s music hits. “When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut” from Miz. Classic.

He starts talking down the fact Dean has been named GM and the crowd loves it. They cheer when Miz says Raw will be absolute chaos. Dean then starts to book Miz in a match, but he gets cut off. Miz said he’s received word from Stephanie McMahon. Then the crowd starts a “delete” chant.

Miz said that Steph assigned him as co-acting General Manager. “Thank god,” Corey Graves said.

Dean says if they have to work together, that’s fine. But Miz should enjoy it while it lasts because he’s still going to put a beating on him at Extreme Rules. Miz brings up the fact he beat Rollins and Balor and Dean Ambrose asked him to shake his hand.

Miz hesitated and Braun Strowman’s music hit. The Monster Among Men comes out in an arm sling. He’s apparently got a “torn rotator cuff” but he’s been working the house shows with Roman Reigns.

“Thank you Strowman” chants start and he hasn’t even done anything. They’re still thanking him for nearly killing Roman Reigns. Braun starts talking about how he beat the Big Dog and “yes” chants roll out of the O2 Arena.

Strowman said he’s not finished with Roman. He said when his arm is healed he’s coming after Roman Reigns. That got a mild reaction. He then said when he’s finished with Roman he’s headed for Brock Lesnar. That got a huge reaction.

Kalisto came out and his new music is really spacey. The guy in the mask brought up how he beat Braun in the dumpster match. He said he wants to fight him again.

Braun Strowman said he would beat him too. He said that he could crush him like a beer can and he could beat him with one arm. Then Dean booked a match between Braun and Kalisto. Braun said “I’m injured!” and Dean reminded him he said he could beat Kalisto with one arm. Strowman looked pissed. He stared Dean down for a bit, dropped the mic, and left the ring.

“Dean-O” chants broke out. Ambrose really is killing it on the mic recently since he has seemingly stopped caring what he says.

Miz said 10 minutes into Dean’s reign as GM he’s already ended Kalisto’s career. He asked him if he was going to book several ridiculous matches such as electrified ring ropes or jack and coke on a pole match.

Dean booked a match with Miz vs Finn Balor instead. People liked that a lot.

The Miz vs Finn Balor

Finn Balor’s entrance is insane whether he’s The Demon or just Fonzie. Too sweet, ayyyy. The O2 Arena lit up for Balor’s entrance, to say the least.

Why does it always look like Finn Balor’s sleepy? He just has this look in his eyes like he hasn’t slept a wink in ages. He’s been doing crazy exercises and researching sick new body paint or something.

Miz didn’t want any part of Balor in the beginning of the match. But Finn eventually got his hands on Miz and took him to the mat. They wrestled around for a bit and Miz raked his eyes. Miz pulled off some heel action, but Finn replied by rolling through a sunset flip pin into a dropkick to the face. Balor hit Miz with a dropkick that was perfect. Miz went for Balor in the corner, but Finn jumped over the ropes to avoid it, he kicked Miz in the head, and Miz toppled outside.

Balor followed Miz and dropkicked him into the barricade. Those dropkicks look painful. Finn climbed up to the top rope, but Maryse pulled her bae outside and Miz took a breather for a bit.

Miz got back in the ring and took advantage on Balor by shoving him off the apron with a distraction by Maryse. Miz continued to put a hurt to Finn for a moment and got a few close two-counts.

Finn countered a Skull Crushing finale with a roll up but Miz kicked out. Miz hit him with a DDT and got a two-count. Finn started pounding on Miz’s head and threw him in the ropes, but Miz came back with a knee to Finn’s chiseled gut.

Miz got Finn in a rear chin lock, but Balor fought out of it. Miz hit Balor in the face with a boot, but Balor countered with an overhead kick like it was a reflex action. “Outta nowhere!” Michael Cole says.

Balor starts knocking Miz down a few times but Miz keeps getting back up. Then Finn threw Miz from turnbuckle to turnbuckle until Miz counters, jumped on the rope, and Finn knocks him off. Balor hit him with a suicide dive and a kick to the face when he got up.

Balor threw Miz back in the ring. Maryse distracted the referee and Finn ended up accidentally pushing him the process. Miz jumped out of the ring and demanded the referee DQ Finn for putting his hands on a ref. The referee rang the bell and they played Miz’s music like he won.

Dean Ambrose came out and restarted the match with Maryse banned from ringside. Miz wanted to say something, but Finn was attacking him before he had a chance.

Balor threw Miz back in the ring and hit a sling blade. Finn hit the corner dropkick and hit the Coup De Grace very quickly. Finn Balor wins.

Backstage Segment

Alexa Bliss is backstage just hanging out with herself. Sudden she noticed Nia Jax just standing there. Nia asked why Bliss didn’t go after her during Bliss coronation last week. Nia asked if Bliss meant what she said when she said she was great. Nia Jax said, “if you really meant it, then when you’re done with Bayley I get the next opportunity.”

Bliss started to backpedal like the bassist for Kings Of Leon and said she doesn’t make matches. But she would get to work on it. Nia Jax said Alexa Bliss has a new best friend now. Looks like Nia wants to protect that title so she can beat Bliss for it later. Smart.

Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James

The O2 Arena got up from their seat to see Alexa Bliss make her entrance. Nia Jax walked behind her and Bliss looked a little worried and looked back every now and then to check on Jax. She seemed weird about having Jax follow her around.

Mickie James came out and pointed to the entrance. Then Bayley came out. So Mickie walked down to her match to Bayley’s entrance music.

The O2 Arena broke out in the “hey Bayley I wanna know if you’ll be my girl” chant. Love it when they do that. But Bayley wasn’t even in the match.

Bliss and Mickie wrestled around for a bit but didn’t have much of the audience’s attention.

Bliss went for Mickie and James hit a neckbreaker for a close two-count. Bliss said, “I don’t need this!” She started to leave, but Mickie James hit her with a dropkick through the ropes.

Bliss ended up taking Mickie down and gained control of the match. She got Mickie in the corner and wrenched at her arm. Bliss grabbed James by the hair and brought her to the middle of the ring. Then Alexa got another arm submission. “Give up Mickie!” Bliss yelled as James mounted her comeback.

But Bliss knocked her back down. Alexa threw James in the corner and Mickie hit a hurricanrana on Bliss. Then Alexa hit a takedown and got a two-count. Bliss kept focusing on that arm even though Mickie’s finisher is the Mick Kick. Might have been a better idea to focus on that leg.

James started to fight back. She hit Bliss with a kick and a knee to the face then hit her with a flying strike for a two-count. Mickie went for a DDT, but Bliss reversed it into a face-grab and a taunt.

Nia Jax got involved and distracted Mickie, but Bayley hit her with a crossbody. Then Bliss knocked Mickie off the turnbuckle and got the three-count. Bliss continued her assault, but Bayley chased her off.

Mickie James was left laying the ring. Jax got in the ring and hit James with a corner splash and an elbow drop. “Utter domination by Nia Jax,” Corey Graves said.

Backstage Segment

Dean is backstage with someone from the backstage crew. Miz came up and started asking him “what is this?” Dean said he’s pretty much booked the night already. Miz said he’s already booked Miz TV with a member of One Direction.

Ambrose said he’s willing to face anyone, anytime, anywhere. Miz then booked a match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt later on in the night.

Charlie interviewed Samoa Joe backstage and Joe said the Kingslayer proved nothing. He kept hyping up his feud with Seth Rollins saying it’s over when he says it’s over. Joe said he’s going to break Seth’s bones and he’s very graphic about it.

Then Seth attacked him and the two brawled backstage. Referees and officials rushed in and break them up.

Braun Strowman vs Kalisto

Kalisto needs to be on 205 Live already. But instead, he’s getting thrown around by Strowman. That’s fun.

Braun got on mic and said he’s not accepting the match because he’s injured. He said as far as he’s concerned Dean Ambrose can shove it because Roman Reigns won’t face him. The bell rang and Braun went right to work by beating the life out of Kalisto. Thought he wasn’t accepting the match.

Roman Reigns’ music hit and The Big Dog came down to face Braun Strowman in an arm sling. They stared each other down for a bit, and Roman got in the ring.

Roman kicked Braun’s injured arm and started delivering Superman Punches. Braun took three punches to the face before he rolled out of the ring. Roman followed him but took a boot to the face, it looked more like a soccer punt to the chest. Roman fell like a ton of bricks.

Reigns got the advantage again and started wrapping Braun’s arm around a ring post, hit it on an apron, and grabbed a chair. Braun stood there nursing his arm and Roman hit him with the chair. Then he hit Braun’s arm when it was on the steps. Roman hit him with another steel chair shot and Braun retreated.

Michael Cole talked Roman up like a hero, but all I saw was a dude hitting another dude in an arm sling with a steel chair. Why do they do those beat down segments to send someone off to injury? Couldn’t it just hurt them more?

Backstage Segment

Golden Truth said tonight is the night they become #1 contenders for the Raw Tag Team titles. Goldust said he has enjoyed tagging with R-Truth, but brought up the fact that they haven’t accomplished anything together.

Goldust said they are going out there to proved that They Hardy Boyz aren’t the only ones who can turn the clock back. R-Truth said they’re going to shock the world.

Tag Team Turmoil Match (#1 Contender Match)

Enzo and Big Cass came out first and they were on fire. London loves them. They need to get those titles before WWE breaks them up. Enzo said any team that plans on beating them better bring a lunch because those plans are getting foiled and their pants are getting soiled… it kept going on like that for a bit. “How you doing” chants broke out.

The O2 Arena was VERY loud with the SAWFT chants. Then Sheamus and Cesaro came out and things got real.

Big Cass and Sheamus started out the match as “Enzo Amore” chants filled the arena. Cass hit a slam and the Empire Elbow. The Hardy Boyz looked on backstage.

Enzo got the tag and Big Cass threw him into Cesaro and Sheamus. Enzo took an Irish Curse Backbreaker. Enzo rolled outside and said “ow ow ow ow ow ow” while he rolled in pain.

Cesaro kept up the pain to Enzo by stomping him about fifty times in a row. Cesaro ends up missing Enzo and taking a ring post to the shoulder. Enzo dodges Sheamus, but Cesaro won’t let him get to Big Cass.

Just as he was about to get the tag, Sheamus pulled him down and Cesaro hit an uppercut to the back of Enzo’s neck. Cesaro locked Enzo in the sharpshooter and he tapped out.

Heath Slater and Rhyno are Shesaro’s next victims. They are met on the ramp by Sheamus and Cesaro and get a proper beat down before they ever got to the ring.

Cesaro threw Heath Slater in the ring. “He’s got kids” chants started as Cesaro started putting a beating to Heath Slater. Heath separated himself and hit Cesaro with a high kick. But they don’t let him get to his partner.

Sheamus hit caught Heath with a top rope headbutt and Rhyno was out cold on the outside. Heath tried to make a tag a couple of times but he was cut off. But it wouldn’t have mattered because he didn’t have a partner. Heath Slater took a Brogue Kick and that was all she wrote for them.

The Club came out next and they looked ready to battle.

Cesaro got the advantage over Karl Anderson for a moment, but once Gallows got the tag, they hit him with a punishing double-team move.

Gallows brought down a few elbow strikes to Cesaro and went for a suplex. But Cesaro blocked it. He turned the suplex around on Gallows and Chearo seemed to deadlift Luke Gallows into a suplex to the mat. That was impressive.

Sheamus got the tag, but Luke kicked out at two. Luke threw Sheamus off of the ropes and knocked Anderson off the apron. He went for a top rope move, but Gallows hit him with a boot to the face.

Anderson got the tag just to take a slam from Sheamus. Gallows retaliated against Sheamus, then Cesaro ran in to take Gallows out. Soon all four men were laying on the mat.

Gallows got to his feet first, but it didn’t help. Sheamus hit him with a White Noise. 1-2-kickout!

Anderson and Gallows hit a double team move on Sheamus, but they can’t put The Celtic Warrior away. The go for the Magic Killer, but Cesaro ran in to stop them. Sheamus pulled off a Brogue Kick on Luke Gallows and got the pinfall.

Golden Truth came down and Michale Cole hyped them big. Goldy and Truthy pushed Cesaro over the rope and went for Sheamus. They doubled teamed Sheamus but couldn’t get a pinfall.

Goldust hit a bulldog on Sheamus and a few mounted punches in the corner. Goldust hit his awesome snap powerslam, but couldn’t seal the deal. Cesaro got the tag and drove Goldust’s knee into the top of the barricade.

He rolled Goldust back in the ring and continued his focus on his leg. Sheamus got the tag and the two concentrated their efforts on Goldust’s knee. R-Truth got the crowd to do a few “what’s up?” chants. But it didn’t help his partner.

Cesaro continued his abuse on Goldust’s leg. The Swiss Superman looked very proud of himself. Cesaro knocked R-Truth off the apron and hit a slam on Goldust for a two-count. Then he slapped on another sharpshooter. R-Truth broke up the submission move and went back outside for a tag.

Goldust got the tag to R-Truth and he started firing away at Cesaro and Sheamus. R-Truth hit a few of his signature moves but only got a two count. Finally, Cesaro got the roll-up pin and held the tights for the three count.

After the match, they continued to beat Golden Truth down. The crowd started with loud “delete” chants. The Hardy Boyz came down and Shesaro scattered.

Matt Hardy stood right in the ring and yelled “delete” while he did the arm motion. The crowd chanted “delete” as The Hardy’s music played.

Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe

Seth Rollins came out like a badass babyface and Samoa Joe came out looking to take care of business. As soon as the bell rang, the two started firing away at each other.

They took it outside very early on in the match. They traded chops and Seth bounced Joe’s head off the barricade. Samoa Joe threw Rollins back in the ring and started hitting him with closed fists in the corner. He chopped Seth Rollins’ nipples off and threw him across the ring.

Seth turned the tables on Joe and smashed his head in the middle turnbuckle. Rollins soon hit an aerial move on Joe when he went outside. Joe threw Rollins into the barricade very hard as Joe rolled in just to break the count. Joe walked up to Seth and threw him outside. Okay. No wasted motion.

Joe kicked Seth with a few stiff shots and followed it up with some more stiff shots in the corner. Rollins got a boot to the face of Joe and hit a sling blade. Seth pinned Joe while he was practically under the ropes so Joe just grabbed the bottom rope.

Samoa Joe took Rollins down and continued to beat him senseless. Rollins tried to fight back, but Joe blocked a suplex attempt by turning it into a suplex of his own for a two count.

It seemed like Joe was toying with Seth for a second, but Rollins caught him with an elbow and a Blockbuster. Seth hit a forearm from the apron, but Samoa Joe hit a dropkick to Seth’s knee and he went toppling outside.

The Samoan Submission Machine continued the abuse to Seth Rollins. He hit Seth with some high knees and took him down hard for a two-count. Seth tried to get himself to his feet, but Joe stalked him.

Samoa Joe taunted Seth to hit him and kicked him down. He pulled Rollins up and went for a Coquina Clutch, but Rollins reversed out of it. Seth hit two suicide dives in a row and eventually got a two-count.

Joe pulled himself up just in time to eat a forearm in the corner. Joe hit Rollins with a tough snap powerslam for another two-count. That was a fluid motion.

Joe hit an atomic drop and a boot to the face. Then he hit a senton and got a two-count. Joe tried to get Joe to his feet, but Seth reversed it into a Falcon Arrow for another two-count. There were near falls all over the place.

They got to their feet at about the same time and traded a few strikes. Joe tried to get a Coquina Clutch, but Rollins kicked him. Seth caught Joe with a boot and another kick to the face for two sets of two-counts.

Joe threw Joe chest-first into the turnbuckle that was exposed earlier in the match. Then Joe threw the turnbuckle pad away when the ref went to put it back on. The referee warned Joe not to use the exposed turnbuckle. But Joe didn’t listen.

Samoa Joe sent Seth’s head into the turnbuckle and the referee rang the bell. Rollins’ music played for a moment, but then Joe continues the abuse. He sent Seth’s head into the turnbuckle again and hit a Coquina Clutch. The referee had to pry Joe off of Seth.

“It’s over when I say it’s over” he yells in Seth’s face as Joe’s music plays and he exits the ring.

Jack Gallagher vs TJP

Neville came out and strolled over to the announce booth. Jack Gallagher is very over with the London crowd, people weren’t so impressed with TJP.

TJP mounted the top turnbuckle and looked like he was casually chewing gum as the bell rang. He looked like he didn’t want to be bothered with a wrestling match. TJP gave Gallagher a peace sign to mock him, and Gallagher did a dab. That was a cute exchange.

Gallagher hit a headbutt right off the bat and got a close two-count. Gallagher hit a wicked forearm uppercut on TJP outside the ring. TJP used a drop toe hold to send Jack’s head into the ring steps.

Once they got in the ring, TJP slapped on a submission hold. Gallager rolled it up for a two-count. Then he started firing off a couple dropkicks. Gallagher hit a kick while perched on the turnbuckle.

TJP set up for the Detonation Kick, but Gallagher blocked it. TJP ended up rolling Jack up and held the tights for a two-count. After the match, TJP kept up the abuse on Jack Gallager. But then Austin Aries ran down to make the save.

Aries was in a knee brace and really sold his limp.

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox

The Boss comes out and people are happy to see her. Then again, people are always happy to see Sasha Banks. Well, Alicia Fox didn’t seem too impressed.

Sasha and Alicia squared off in the middle of the ring and they soon started taking it to each other in an old-school cat fight.

Foxy hit a pinning northern lights suplex, but Banks kicked out. Then Fox locked in a headlock.

Banks fought back and hit a few moved including the double knees in the corner. She went for a back stabber. The crowd was chanting at something and seemed preoccupied with something going on in the arena that the camera wouldn’t shoot.

Banks hit her double knees off the top rope and turned it into a pin for the three count. It looked like Alicia Fox got her shoulder up, but the referee counted anyway.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

The fireflies filled the O2 Arena and they were thick in London. Dean Ambrose came out to get it taken care of as Miz talked away at commentary. Miz might have been the best part of this match. He might become the best part of Raw now that Braun Strowman is out of action.

Dean and Bray traded some shots in the middle of the ring and Bray choked Dean against the rope. The Eater Of Worlds yelled “I am a god!” and he threw Dean into the ropes. Dean went charging for Dean, but Ambrose pulled the rope down and Wyatt went outside. Dean hit him with a suicide dive, but Bray would soon take over again.

Bray hit Dean with a sick suplex to the outside from inside the ring. Bray threw Ambrose back in the ring and got a two-count.

Bray hit a splash in the corner and Ambrose fell limp to the mat but he only got a two-count. Bray maintained control of the match and beat Ambrose down while he methodically stalked him. Bray hit a DDT and got a near fall out of Ambrose.

Miz said what makes this match a main event more than anything is his presence out there. He said the IC Title is now the top title since he’s in the picture. It has nothing to do with the fact the Universal Title is currently taking a long vacation with Brock Lesnar.

Dean started to fight back with fists and forearms. He bounced off the ropes to hit Bray, but Wyatt knocked him down hard. Bray seated himself on the top rope and jumped down to hit Ambrose with a senton, but Dean rolled out of the way. Bray hit the mat hard taking a flat back bump with nobody under him.

Dean jumped up and hit Bray with a few strikes and a clothesline. Then Ambrose hit him with a corner forearm and a kick to the face. Ambrose climbed to the top rope, Bray rolled outside, so he redirected himself and hit Wyatt with an elbow drop off the top rope to the floor.

Dean rolled Wyatt back in the ring and Bray hit him with a diving strike. Then Miz started to make his way to the ring.

Dean looked like he was getting another advantage on Bray, but Dean noticed Miz. Bray tried a Sister Abigail, but Dean blocked it. Wyatt pulled off a slam for a two-count, but the match continued.

Bray hoisted Dean up to the top rope as “Randy Savage” chants broke out for some reason. Wyatt looked like he was going for a superplex, but Dean fought out of it with some headbutts.

Dean went for his top rope elbow, but Bray knocked him down with a strike. Miz picked up the IC Title and distracted him. Dean went for a suicide dive on Miz and Bray went outside to take advantage of the diversion.

Miz hit Ambrose in the back with the IC Title without the ref seeing it. Bray rolled Dean into the ring and got a two-count. Then Bray pulled off a Sister Abagail and got the win. Miz grabbed the mic and announced Bray Wyatt as the winner of the match.

Miz looked at Bray like he wanted nothing to do with him, then he rolled in the ring and continued the assault on Dean. Miz held the IC Title and said when he beats Ambrose he won’t just be holding the IC Title in his hand, he’ll be wearing it around his waist.

Miz insulted the UK and concluded his speech by saying when people see him with the IC Title for the 7th time people will just say “awesome!”