bray wyatt

Bray Wyatt has been destined to be something so much bigger in WWE than he has become over the past few months. The patriarch of The Wyatt Family has to be one of the best promo deliverers in WWE currently and he has grown into a star who can back it up in the ring.

Recently it has seemed as though he was finally set to receive the push towards the WWE Championship that he has deserved for a long time, but that could have just been cancelled after a silly tweet that linked the star with wrestling rivals TNA.

Wyatt tweeted the following:


This was set out to his social media followers less than a week ago and it is seemingly referencing Matt Hardy’s revolutionary Broken Matt character.

Last Monday night on Raw The Wyatt Family and The New Day took part in a TNA Final Deletion style video as The New Day visited The Wyatt’s compound and a brawl then ensued. The ending to the video was rather confusing but a six man tag match has been made for Battleground next weekend which means that both sides will collide once again.

Since the Tweet was posted Bray has disappeared from Social Media which could be a reaction to the fact that he shouldn’t have recognised TNA in the tweet. It is unknown how WWE officials reacted to the tweet after they saw it last week but word is that Wyatt’s push towards the WWE Championship is now all but over.

WWE does heavily frown upon any of it’s roster members mentioning rival companies in their tweets and the fact that TNA did so well with the Final Deletion video only to have all other wrestlers then referencing it, would not have sat well with Vince McMahon.

It is likely that Bray had a bot of a talking to after posting it and has since taken time away from the Social Media platform since that was the last tweet he posted five days ago.

It is understandable that Bray is frustrated and sometimes superstars run their mouth when they get to this point, Bray is a talented superstar who deserves recognition and hopefully WWE will allow him to reap the rewards of that in the coming weeks.

Superstars have been released from the company in the past for merely attending a TNA live show so it is a very slippery slope that Bray could be heading down. It would have been easier to not post anything at all.

The WWE Championship picture is currently looking wide open and this could have been a perfect time for Bray to have been pushed in amongst it. Dean Ambrose defends the Championship Monday night on Raw against former Champion Seth Rollins before the duo then head into a Triple Threat match on Sunday night as Roman Reigns rejoins proceedings at Battleground.

The title does look set to be divided back into two and then defended on both Raw and Smackdown and dependent on which roster Bray is drafted to, the Eater of Worlds could have become a real challenger for the title.

Smackdown would be a fantastic place for Bray to shine, especially if The Wyatt Family is split up and the WWE Universe are finally able to see what Bray can do on his own. The leader of the unwashed family is still yet to win a Championship in WWE but it is debatable as to whether or not he needs one to be credible.

Bray has developed a fantastic character who many fans deem a credible threat regardless of the situation he is put in and despite the fact that he is yet to win Championship gold. One tweet shouldn’t effect the push that Bray should be yet to receive especially considering that Roman Reigns has survived a violation of their drug policy and Seth Rollins tweeted much worse in the run up to his WrestleMania 31 victory.

It would be harsh of WWE to hold this against Bray and decide to halt his push because he is destined for great things as a solo character and if WWE don’t push him and see what he is truly capable of then they could end up with another star who they have underutilised.