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At WrestleMania 33, Bray Wyatt lost the WWE Championship to Randy Orton after holding it for roughly a month. He will get his rematch at Payback in a few weeks, but Wyatt has also moved to Raw from SmackDown Live. That move surprised a lot of people, including himself.

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On paper, it could be a great move for Bray Wyatt. He’ll be booked as a top heel on Raw, and WWE officials have placed him right into a rivalry with Finn Balor. However, the move to Raw and some recent booking decisions have left Wyatt extremely frustrated with his position in WWE.

A report from Pro Wrestling Unlimited is claiming that Bray Wyatt is frustrated because WWE has been consistently telling him one thing only for the opposite to happen. For instance, WWE kept changing their minds about him walking out of WrestleMania with the WWE Title.

Not only that, but Wyatt’s move to Raw was a last minute decision that canceled plans for a long feud between him and Orton over the WWE Title. Ultimately, WWE keeps bouncing him from thing to thing, which has caused Bray to become frustrated and vocal backstage lately.

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