WWE has released quite a few wrestlers so far in 2021, and many fans were shocked when the company announced that former Universal Champion Braun Strowman had been let go. Strowman had been pushed as one of the top stars in the company for years, and now everyone is waiting to see where the Monster Among Men will go next.

Strowman recently took to Twitter to seemingly tease that he has multiple options in regards to where he can go next when he posted the following:

It was recently reported that WWE is interested in bringing Strowman back, and Mark Henry also told TMZ last month that there is interest from AEW as well.

“Super high on my list. It’s not an all Mark Henry decision, but there’s already interest on both sides. Hopefully by the time he’s allowed to wrestle in August, I think the middle of August, then we could have a serious conversation about contractual things of that nature but right now there’s interest on both sides. I love that dude.”