Drew McIntyre successfully defended his WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, and after the match he was attacked by Bobby Lashley.

The Miz then took advantage of the situation when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Drew McIntyre to become WWE Champion for the second time in his career.

Bobby Lashley then demanded a shot at the title, and this week on Monday Night Raw The Miz defended his WWE Championship against Lashley.

The match was originally supposed to take place at 9 P.M. but Miz acted like he was too sick to compete, and Adam Pearce pushed the match back an hour to 10 P.M.

Both Miz and Lashley entered the ring and before the match kicked off The Miz tried to convince MVP and Lashley to delay the match until WrestleMania. MVP declined.

The bell rang, and The Miz grabbed his belt then ran backstage and got counted out.

Shane McMahon later told Bobby Lashley backstage that he would consider stripping The Miz of his belt and giving it to Lashley if Miz didn’t defend the belt on Raw.

Miz and Lashley made their way to the ring for the main event, and Miz once again grabbed the belt and tried to leave.

Shane McMahon then announced that the WWE Title would be defended in a lumberjack match, and the Raw roster then came down to ringside. The bell rang and Miz took a swing at Lashley with the title, but Lashley grabbed it out of his hands.

Lashley dominated The Miz and the lumberjacks threw him back in the ring several times.

Bobby Lashley made The Miz tap out to The Hurt Lock to win the match and the WWE Championship.

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