This week on Monday Night Raw Bobby Lashley confronted The Miz and told Miz that he had one hour to give him a shot at the WWE Championship, or else Lashley put him in the emergency room.

Later in the show Adam Pearce welcomed Lashley, MVP, Miz and Morrison to the ring, and Miz said he needed more time. John Morrison proposed that Bobby Lashley give The Miz one more week.

That’s when Braun Strowman made his way to the ring and questioned why he wasn’t in the Elimination Chamber match. He mentioned that he’s a former Universal Champion.

Shane McMahon made his way out and Braun Strowman demanded a WWE Title match. Shane told him he couldn’t do that, but he booked Lashley vs. Strowman in the main event, and told Strowman that if he won he would be added to the WWE Title match next week.

Lashley ended up defeating Braun Strowman with a spear in the main event, and after the match he applied The Hurt Lock to Strowman.

The Miz then tried to attack Lashley, but Lashley caught him and then hit him with a spear to end the show.

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