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It’s been a while since fans have seen The Usos on WWE programming, as Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI back in July, and the former WWE Tag Team Champions haven’t been used since.

WEAR TV 3 reports that Jimmy Uso, real name Jonathan Fatu, appeared in court on Wednesday, and it took the Escambia County jury only one hour to find Fatu not guilty.

The arrest report notes that he was pulled over because his vehicle was drifting on Interstate 10 at speeds of 100 MPH.

Fatu did not take a field sobriety test, and it was noted that while he did not refuse to take the test he did request for his lawyer to be present.

The arresting officer took the stand and noted that he believed the WWE Superstar was impaired.

“Once he eventually started to get out of the vehicle, he appeared to have a hard time with the door handle and opening up the door. He was unable to get out of the vehicle and took a step or two and appeared to stumble, almost into the travel lane,” said Deputy Jeremy Meeks on the stand.

According to the report the speeding ticket Fatu received will remain on his record.

It’s not clear at this point in time when he might be returning to WWE.

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