hulk hogan

Sometimes pro wrestling can be like a game of chess and a veteran like Hulk Hogan is certainly a top-notch player at this point. The WWE Universe would love to see Hulk Hogan come back into the WWE fold but it still hasn’t happened yet.

Paul Heyman mentioning Hulk Hogan on Raw a couple of weeks go while listing great previous champions might have been testing the waters. After all, the Hulk Hogan franchise still means a lot of money and Vince McMahon loves money. But who doesn’t?

Most have forgotten or forgiven Hogan for those comments he made on that awful audio recording from a stolen sex tape which was unlawfully recorded without his consent in the first place. A WWE return for The Hulkster could be in line, but there is always a fear it could backfire in some way.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported there is talk backstage of bringing Hulk Hogan back in the picture. But WWE is nervous about how some advertisers might feel about bringing a guy back with that kind of stigma attached to him.

But Meltzer also reported there was talk of bringing Hulk Hogan in to do something with a pro wrestling company that wasn’t WWE and if it would have happened it would have been pretty outstanding. He didn’t disclose the name of the company but these talks apparently fell through because it “wouldn’t have made economic sense.”

However, some believe the idea of Hulk Hogan coming back to any pro wrestling organization would be a tease to gain WWE’s interest and possibly expedite the process of bringing him back into the fold.

With WrestleMania just around the corner, you have to wonder if WWE might give Hulk Hogan another chance to properly identify the Super Dome while standing in a WrestleMania ring once more.

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