big cass

Big Cass broke up with his tag team partner Enzo Amore a few months ago, and just as it seemed that their feud was getting ready to wrap up, Cass suffered an injury. He’s since undergone surgery, and unfortunately he’ll be sitting on the sidelines for a while.

The time off will give Big Cass time to figure out what’s next, as he’s always trying to develop and learn new things that will help him progress. During a recent appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast, Cass talked about who he goes to for advice, and he said that he considers anything Triple H says to him to be gospel (via WrestlingInc).

“Hunter’s another guy that’s always open to talk to, always gives great advice. And pretty much anything he says I kind of take as gospel. If he says it, that [has] got to be the right way to do it. It [has] got to be. He’s a guy that definitely, when he says something, it has to be true to me. I’m like, ‘yep, that’s right’ and I just do it that way.

Triple H isn’t the only star Big Cass looks to for advice as he also mentioned the Big Show as someone who has helped him, and he noted that he tries to talk to The Undertaker as much as possible.

“And Undertaker is another guy when he’s around, I try to talk to him as much as possible. Yeah, but a lot of people are kind of intimidated by him. He’s The Undertaker! He’s the godfather of the locker room. I feel like I have a good rapport with him and I try to talk to him as much as possible. When he’s around, I try to pick his brain and just try to listen to what he thinks about what I’m doing and what other people are doing because he’s The Undertaker.”

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