becky lynch

Becky Lynch is out of action due to injury, and Charlotte Flair will be taking her spot in her match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series on Sunday night.

WWE announced on Tuesday that Becky Lynch suffered a broken face and a severe concussion during the multi-woman brawl on Raw this week, and since then everyone’s been talking about the shot that Nia Jax delivered to Lynch which caused the injuries.

Nia Jax commented on Becky Lynch’s status earlier when she posted a photo of her hand on Twitter along with the following caption: “Hey…we don’t deliver mail, things happen. Is anyone gonna ask me about how my fist feels?”

Becky Lynch wasted little time responding to Jax, as the posted the following on Twitter:

“You gave me your best sucker punch, but I got back up to destroy your whole roster. They won’t let me fight, but I’ll get back up from that too. It’s what I do. So enjoy your one free shot, because as bad as my memory is now, I haven’t forgotten you, bitch.”

At this point it’s not clear when Becky Lynch will be returning to the ring, but Nia Jax will be in action when she competes as part of Team Raw at Survivor Series on Sunday.