brock lesnar

Brock Lesnar has been teasing a possible move to UFC for months now, and he threw fuel on the fire Saturday night when he stepped into the octagon at UFC 226 and called out Daniel Cormier.

Brock Lesnar also pushed Daniel Cormier and Dana White later said that Cormier vs. Brock Lesnar “will happen.” The USADA recently issued a statement to confirming that Lesnar has reentered the USADA testing pool, and he will be able to compete in January of 2019.

“After receiving notice of his intent to compete in the UFC, Brock Lesnar re-entered the testing pool on July 3,” USADA said. “With six months and four days remaining on his period of ineligibility, Lesnar will be able to compete on or after January 8, 2019, should he remain in compliance with the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.”

Everybody’s talking about Brock’s appearance at UFC 226, but it looks like WWE officials might not be as excited as everyone else.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ronda Rousey’s recent UFC Hall of Fame induction was hyped up on WWE programming, but there was no coverage of Brock’s appearance at UFC 226, and no mention of The Beast on Raw this week, which could be a sign that WWE officials are unhappy about his appearance (via Ringside News).

“So something’s changed in the last week. Clearly WWE is not happy about it because if they were happy about it they’d be talking about it and quite frankly and when you think about it the angle they’re booking, what Lesnar did accentuates that angle. It tells everyone, ‘hey he’s more concerned about UFC and he’s going to leave us so we need to get behind Roman Reigns instead of this guy who doesn’t really like us wrestling fans and is not loyal to our wrestling cause and all that stuff. That was perfect to their storyline and they didn’t hit it so something’s up.”

Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do, and right now it seems that he wants to get people talking.