Over the last few months Rusev has been involved in one of the biggest storylines on Raw, and although some fans have criticized the storyline it did help Rusev get a healthy amount of TV time.

However, now that the storyline has died down The Bulgarian Brute hasn’t been appearing on Monday Night Raw.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Rusev has been off television due to a contract dispute with WWE.

It was also noted that although there should be a blow off to the Lashley-Rusev feud Rusev might not get his revenge on TV unless the contract issue gets worked out.

It’s no big secret that his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment is coming up, and although Lana signed a new deal with the company, Rusev has yet to do so.

At this point all signs seem to point to Rusev leaving the company as he recently teased on Twitter that he is a “soon to be free agent.”