daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan is currently the General Manager of SmackDown Live, and he’s been retired from in-ring competition for a few years now. Bryan has been involved in a few storylines on SmackDown Live where a potential return to the ring has been teased, but nevertheless, nothing has come of the build up as WWE officials will not clear Daniel Bryan for a return to the ring.

Even though Bryan hasn’t been cleared by WWE’s doctors, there are a number of doctors outside of WWE who have cleared him. But it’s the doctors that work for WWE that matter.

Bryan has said that if he isn’t cleared by WrestleMania, then he likely won’t be cleared by WWE. The former WWE Champion hasn’t been shy about letting the world know he’s considering a return to the ring when his WWE contract expires, and his contract is set to end in September of 2018.

Another big factor concerning Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract is that according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Bryan will not have to deal with the restrictions that go along with having a 90 day no compete clause, meaning he could potentially return to the ring as soon as the deal expires.

There are still several months to go before Bryan’s WWE deal expires but as of right now all signs seem to point to him making a clean break from the company when his contract is up.

Although just because Bryan can return to the ring doesn’t necessarily mean that he should. The former World Heavyweight Champion seems to be proceeding with a level head on his shoulders, so hopefully he makes the right decision when the time comes, as the world will be patiently waiting to see what he does in September.