Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that the WWE board is currently investigating a $3 million dollar settlement, and non-disclosure agreements linked to Vince McMahon. It was later confirmed that Vince McMahon had stepped aside as Chairman and CEO of WWE with Stephanie McMahon stepping up as the interim Chairwoman and CEO of the company. Since then Vince has made two brief appearances on WWE programming.

PWInsider reports that there’s been a lot of sympathy for Stephanie McMahon since she’s been all but forced back to work following the announcement that she was taking a leave of absence. Quite a few people have reportedly marveled at how strong Stephanie McMahon has been despite the perception that her mother has been publicly disrespected by the situation involving multiple non-disclosure agreements being investigated by the WWE board.

It’s also being said that there’s been a lot of head shaking in regards to Vince McMahon putting himself back on TV. Some have seen it as an act of denial towards anyone questioning him. Some have wondered if that could come back to bite him, and if this could be the beginning of the end for Vince McMahon. It was also noted that people who feel that way are in the minority.

At this point in time there’s said to be a lot of silence among employees who are waiting to see how bad this could get, and if the investigation will really hurt the company. A lot of people are said to be biting their tongues, and keeping their heads down, as it’s not clear which executives could end up with more power by the time the dust settles.