Last Friday WWE made a shocking announcement when it was revealed that Zelina Vega had been released from her contract. The former WWE superstar later returned to Twitch hours later and thanked her fans while saying she is grateful for her time with the company.

WWE’s new third party edict has been met with a lot of controversy, and a few weeks ago Zelina Vega opened an OnlyFans account.

Sports Illustrated reports that WWE, more specifically Vince McMahon, saw the account as a breach of contract. It’s also being reported that following the recent discussions regarding Twitch, upper management felt Zelina Vega boxed them in by opening the OnlyFans account.

Vega’s release is meant to be a reminder that WWE’s new policy will be strictly enforced.

Zelina Vega has stated that she is not done with wrestling, but due to her non compete the earliest she could appear for another wrestling promotion is February 2021.