raw underground

WWE has had to make some major changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the company has been trying some new things this year. A few months ago fans were introduced to Raw Underground, which was a segment that featured shoot style fights on WWE programming.

Raw Underground got a lot of people talking, for better or worse, but it was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Raw Underground is considered to be done for now.

According to the report, WWE dropped the segment due to the COVID-19 breakout, as there was fear that the extras involved may have been exposed to the virus, but that’s no longer the case.

Almost everyone with the Raw Underground team is back to work, but it’s being said that the company will no longer produce content for the segment.

It was also noted that Raw Underground segments wouldn’t have fit as easily into the show due to the recent draft, and that WWE officials were trying to keep the NXT talents working as extras away from the main roster talent to avoid another outbreak.