awesome kong

Kia Stevens is best known to wrestling fans as Awesome Kong, and a few years ago she made her WWE debut as Kharma. Her run with WWE was cut short after she took a leave of absence when she found out she was pregnant, and she eventually left the company altogether.

Although her WWE run was short, fans immediately took notice of Kharma, and it seemed like the company had big plans for her. During a recent chat with Ring Rust Radio, she talked about some of the things she had discussed with Triple H, and she says her goal was to create a “super face.”

“I can only speculate, but I would think Kharma had a 99.9 percent chance of a title run and then my hope was to bring in a new girl and make a super face who is going to topple Kharma. That was my goal and that was something Triple H and I talked about bringing in a girl for a program and making her a super face and us all making money. We never talked about who that would’ve been, we didn’t get that far. I left during my honeymoon with the company.”

Unfortunately Kia Stevens didn’t get to achieve all the goals she had for her WWE career, and one of the things she also wanted to do was face off against recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee Beth Phoenix.

“Beth Phoenix and I never happened. The fans have seen Gail [Kim] and me, and I would always love to face Gail again to bookend our story,” Stevens said. “The fans would really love to see Beth and I dance in the ring and that never happened. I feel like the fans were cheated out of that so I would love to do that for the fans and for myself.”

It’s a shame that we’ll probably never see Kharma and Beth Phoenix collide, but you can catch Kia Stevens in the new GLOW series which is set to premiere on Netflix on Friday.