austin aries

A few years ago Austin Aries became one of the most popular stars in Impact Wrestling, and his popularity helped catapult him to the main event scene. Due to demand from the fans, Impact officials had no choice but to push him, and he ended up winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

But Impact Wrestling is a company that’s constantly going through changes, and eventually Austin Aries decided to part ways with the promotion.

After spending some time on the independent circuit, Aries signed a deal with WWE and he joined the NXT brand and then he was eventually called up to the main roster. But a few months after he was called up he left WWE, and now he’s once again doing his own thing.

Aries recently spoke to Sean Waltman on his X-Pac 12360 show, and he said that he’s been contacted by Impact Wrestling, but he says he’s not really interested in returning to the promotion at the moment.

“We had some talks but really for me, the only position I was interested in there was the position of being a decision maker. I told Dixie (Carter) when I left there I wouldn’t come back and work for anybody. But If I was going to come back there (Impact), that I had to be in a position to make a difference. I know they just went through a big rĂ©gime change, I know we had some discussion about me coming in there and possibly being part of the team. But I know where I am right now in my career and all the possibilities and things I have in front of me, I really couldn’t invest myself emotionally into that because let’s be honest they’ve got a lot of work to do there. They’ve done a lot of bad business over the years and they’ve got a lot to overcome. And I think the guys there know that and I wish them luck.”

Austin Aries isn’t currently signed to an exclusive contract with any wrestling promotion, but he says that he’s finding plenty of opportunities now that he’s a free agent.

“I had to divide my time, had some restrictions and during that time, I had a herniated disc in my neck and I had to get right before I can get back in the ring. I’m really lucky and thankful that my opportunities were endless. I have seen people reaching out, booking me on their show. I really had the opportunity to pick and choose where I wanna go, make my own schedule, decide where I wanted to stamp my name.”

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