We love Asuka, she’s a hard hitting Japanese sensation that is the female representative of Strong Style for the WWE Universe. The Empress of Tomorrow has always had our hearts, our fascination, and our fandom but we never knew exactly why until we found out that she’s also an avid video gamer. Then it all made sense.

There aren’t many girls on the planet who have the kind of impressive video game collection that Asuka has either. The former Kana took to Twitter recently to talk video games with some of her fans and she shared some details about her enormous collection.

When a fan asked her what her favorite video game was, it was hard for Asuka to choose because she had so many favorites. Her choices were as old school as the roots of her wrestling style, and as action packed as one of her matches as well.

She is very proud of her collection and to her, video games are not only a passion she has a great deal of love for them as well. Dave Meltzer once said Asuka, “may be the best worker in WWE, man or woman” and we totally agree.

She also has way more than just video game consoles as she is proud to say she also has a standalone video game cabinet as well. We’d certainly love a tour of her house someday.

But, through all of her love for video games, she still realizes what the most important thing is: her wrestling career. She made that quite clear as she tweeted using a very well known set of Queen lyrics to illustrate her point.


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