wwe draft

The WWE brand split shook up the roster in a way that hadn’t been done in a long time. Each brand got their own exclusive superstars, and not withstanding a couple noticeable exceptions at Survivor Series, and the build-up to Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar’s bloodbath at SummerSlam they have pretty much stuck to that.

There are rumors going around that WWE fans might be seeing another WWE draft in June. However, these are not the only rumors in the same vein to surface since the brand split took place in July of last year.

WWE might need to shake some things up by June, but at this point they still have plenty of room to work with the superstars on their current rosters.

Another interesting point to consider is the fact that there are so many “Raw after WrestleMania” expectations of big debuts on April 3rd, but if they plan on doing a draft 2 months afterward we might not see the NXT call-ups that fans are so desperate for until the summer.

Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal seemed like it was a sure thing for WrestleMania 33. Show has been sending messages to Shaq for quite some time now displaying his impressive physique with taunting phrases, but Shaq hasn’t done much talking back in return.

The latest rumor going around is that this marquee match might not happen at all. Cagesideseats reports that there are loud whispers going around the office and backstage that this planned match might end up getting scrapped for whatever reason.

If the match ends up in the “wish they would have made that work” pile, this writer wouldn’t mind seeing Big Show and Braun Strowman go at it again. Their match on Raw this week was spectacular.