If you watched WWE’s Payback pay-per-view and were surprised when Alexa Bliss took Bayley’s title you weren’t alone. There was an entire arena full of people in San Jose who were equally shocked to see their hometown girl lose.

Alexa Bliss appeared on Raw Talk after Payback to discuss the importance of making history. She is the first person to win the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championship. At first, she expressed some disappointment they didn’t have any balloons or other such party decorations. She asked, “if I say Beetlejuice three times will a parade show up?”

“Obviously you don’t understand the severity of what I did tonight,” Bliss said. “Tonight I faced Bayley you know, the woman who went into WrestleMania and defeated the three most dominant women in the industry and I defeated her in a hostile environment might I add. Yeah. Did you hear the crowd? I was scared.”

“I did exactly what I was going to do. I was going to put an end to Bayley’s fairytale story. You know what? the clock struck midnight, and it was time to crown a new champion. But you know what? I do have to say, I can’t take it away from Bayley. She was an amazing opponent. She had a great match. But I was simply better.”

Alexa told Renee Young and Jerry Lawler she was honestly a little upset that they didn’t have a bigger celebration for her on the Raw Talk set. Renee Young said they’d have one next time. “Next time I make history, yeah,” Bliss replied.

“I am happy. I’m very happy,” Bliss said. “I am just ecstatic about it, you know. But here’s the thing. What tore me down is what brings me back up. When I was in NXT working so hard all I heard about was the 4 Horsewomen. 4 Horsewoman this, 4 Horsewomen that, and I was the first one to hold both titles. Not Bayley, not Becky Lynch, not Sasha, not Charlotte. Me.”

Renee asked Alexa what separates her from the rest of the game at this point and Alexa said, “because I talk a big game and I back it up and I do whatever it takes to win at all costs. Some people have to create opportunities and some people have to see an opportunity, jump on it, and take advantage of it. And that’s what I do and that’s what lead me to become [Raw’s new Women’s Champion].”