Alexa Bliss has become one of WWE’s most popular stars over the last few years, and she’s managed to accomplish a lot since getting called up to the main roster.

Back in 2018 Alexa Bliss was supposed to wrestle in her dream match at the Evolution pay-per-view, but she recently explained to FOX Sports how a concussion forced her to sit on the sidelines for the event.

“It was tough. I was supposed to have a match against Trish Stratus in the beginning,” Bliss recalled. “I watched Trish growing up. I loved Trish. Everything that I did in NXT, I tried to emulate Trish like her attitude. So it was like getting a match with your WWE hero. I was so excited. Then it got turned into a tag match, which was even cooler because then I was gonna get in the ring with Trish and Lita with Mickie James as my partner. What’s better than having a match with Trish? Having a match with Trish and Lita. Unfortunately, I was dealing with concussions, and I had to do a live event. WWE wanted me to get back in the ring before Evolution. I was booked on the live events, and during a live event, I ended up getting re-concussed again. I remember being in the trainer’s room after, and they said, ‘you’re concussed again. That means no Evolution,’ which really sucked.”

Despite the fact that Bliss didn’t get to wrestle Trish Stratus and Lita in 2018, a face off with the two WWE Hall of Famers still remains her dream match.

“I would love to have the Evolution match that I didn’t get to have. I would love to tag team with Mickie James against Trish and Lita. I think that’s one of the matches that I wish I had. I don’t know if it’s really an option, but that’s always gonna be a match that I wish I had. If I could go back in time, I wish I could have that match.”

If you could see Alexa Bliss face off against any wrestler in history who would it be? Sound off in the comments below.

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