It’s been a wild and crazy time for Alberto and Paige. These two always seem to be getting into something. If it’s not one thing, then it’s another. They’re entertaining but there is also great sense of worry surrounding the whole situation.

With everything on Alberto’s plate it appears as though he has decided to cut ties with one of his obligations. The Fight Network reports Alberto El Patron has made a move to step away from his responsibilities as the figurehead president of Combate Americas.

In a statement Combate Americas C.E.O. Campbell McLaren said of the situation “he’s probably stepping back his official roles from Combate and he’s going to focus on more on wrestling for the next year or two.” McLaren later added, “it’s a very challenging enterprise and I think it’s very, very hard on the body and difficult to do. Very physical, very athletic, so I he’s kind of asked me if he can step away and with Saraya, focus on wrestling.”

We really do hope the best for Alberto and Paige. They deserve to be happy and left to their privacy. This move might actually be a good one for Alberto as it could give him the chance to refocus on other matters that need his attention.

Hopefully, he left Combate Americas in order to really focus on wrestling but with his current suspension from GFW in place due to the investigation surrounding that horrible incident in an Orlando airport we can imagine he might want to get that cleared up first.

This is just the latest development from Camp Alberto and we imagine there will be plenty more to come. Keep checking back at Still Real To Us and we will keep you up to date on everything happening in the ring and behind the scenes.