aj styles

A number of weeks ago AJ Styles entered the Intercontinental Title tournament, and shortly after he was traded to Friday Night SmackDown.

After the trade was made it was reported The Phenomenal One was having issues with Paul Heyman on Monday Night Raw.

Styles was reportedly furious over Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows getting released, and it’s being said that he blamed Paul Heyman, even though it was Vince McMahon’s call to let them go.

AJ Styles recently addressed the Paul Heyman reports while streaming on his Mixer account, and he called Heyman “a boldface liar.”

“When it came to the rumor about Paul Heyman and being upset with him because he didn’t take up for Gallows and Anderson before they got released, that’s not what it was at all. It’s not even close. I’ll give you a snippet of what me, Gallows, and Anderson already know – [Paul Heyman] is a liar. Now you know; I’m sure you’ve heard that before if you go back to his ECW days, you’ll hear that. He’s a boldface liar. So, that’s my take on that. I will let Gallows and Anderson [add to it].”

It was recently reported that Gallows and Anderson have come to terms on a deal with Impact Wrestling, and they will also be wrestling for New Japan in the future.

H/T Wrestling Inc.