aj lee

Throughout the course of her career AJ was matched up with several different WWE superstars, and at one point she was part of a trio that included herself, Dolph Ziggler and Big E. A few years ago during an episode of Raw, AJ, Dolph and Big E were making their entrance and Big E ended up punching AJ in the chest by accident while he was swinging his arms. The incident looked pretty awkward and hilarious on TV, but luckily AJ didn’t appear to get hurt.

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AJ Lee recently released her new book “Crazy Is My Superpower” and she’s been answering fan questions at book signings and Q&A sessions. During one of the recent Q&A sessions AJ was asked about the infamous Big E incident, and she says that she used it as an opportunity to mess with him.

She says Big E was on the verge of tears when they got backstage because he was so concerned. AJ says throughout the week she played up the injury by saying that she had to go visit the¬†doctor and she told Big E that she broke her sternum and she was in so much pain that she couldn’t even reach for water. Big E apparently fell for it.

Speaking of Big E, his fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston recently underwent surgery, and Kofi is going to be sitting on the sidelines for a little while. Tuesday night WWE announced that The New Day will be moving to SmackDown Live, but PWInsider reports the talk backstage is that The New Day may be kept off of TV until Kofi is ready to return.

It’s interesting to note that The New Day didn’t appear on SmackDown Live Tuesday night as WWE simply aired a video package announcing that the team is moving to the blue brand.