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The Wednesday Night Wars kicked off back in October of 2019, and NXT has been going head to head with AEW Dynamite ever since.

AEW has beaten NXT most weeks, and Adam Cole has been on the front lines. The former NXT Champion recently spoke to TV Insider about NXT competing with AEW, and he noted that the NXT roster doesn’t think about what AEW is doing.

I think a lot of people know I’m very good friends with a lot of those guys. I’m dating Britt. I’m very friendly with a lot of people there. Even though we do have this competition on Wednesdays. When we’re focused on our show, we’re focused on our show. We’re not thinking about what they’re doing. At least I don’t. I’m not sure what anyone else is doing. I don’t have the ability to multitask mentally like that and think about what the other show is doing. I worry about what I’m doing and how to make my segment, my match, my whatever it is the best it possibly can be. Talking to them, I can tell you they feel the same way. They want to make the best show possible.

Adam Cole went on to say that he thinks NXT can pull ahead of AEW by highlighting the strengths of the brand.

“Going forward, I think it’s to continue to highlight our strengths. I think finding ways to have really exciting matches and angles and interviews. Finding ways to constantly try new things and see what sticks and what doesn’t stick and evolving the television show. They’re both fairly new television shows. I know NXT has been around quite some time pre everything that has been going on. But as far as being on USA, it’s still new. I just think the brand is continuing to grow, and we have to continue to find different and interesting ways to tell stories. We have a great crew of talent, males and females who are some of the best in the world. As long as they’re highlighted, NXT will continue growing. I’m confident in that.”

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